Perhaps now more than ever, self care is critically important to our everyday well-being. With an emphasis on healthy meals, discussion, movement, and a safe environment, our women’s retreats support your ability to connect with and heal your spirit.

Soul Food Retreat

~ a return to simplicity ~

In an environment of unconditional support and non-judgment, the Soul Food Retreat’s intention is to guide you through a holistic and internal healing process to reconnect with your Self, your body, and your relationship with food. Gift yourself with the space and mindfulness to focus on the quality of your health and life.

ROOT Camp Retreat

~ a woman’s restoration ~

ROOT CAMP is serious work. It is deep work. It requires courage and honesty and transparency and vulnerability. It requires you to leave your excuses at home. It requires that you temporarily surrender to a state of dis-ease; to travel straight to and converse deeply with your inner wisdom to dispel your untruths, your myths about your Self.