Gluten Free Pomodoro Pasta w. Bruschetta

Diabetic? Dairy free? Allergic to the kitchen? Let ROOTS Farmacy make a health-centered diet easy for you. Everything we do is made from scratch with love  – including baked goods – to ensure the freshest, richest flavors without all of the harmful additives found in other prepared meal services. If you don’t want it, or can’t have it, we won’t put it in there. Without sacrificing taste!

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Meal sharing brings people and resources together via a common interest: saving money and time. Its premise is simple: a group of folks share the cost of food and preparation.

ROOTS Farmacy has taken it to another level: healthy, locally-sourced, and environmentally conscious. Not only are we providing a healthier option for you and your family, but we’re also helping our neighboring growers and artisans do what they do well. It’s all about health: yours, our neighbors’, and the planet’s. Learn more here.