Understated elegance, is how our table setting is often described. Organic cotton linens of plant-based dyes, mason jars, nicely-weighted silverware, and simple plateware take a back seat to the beauty of surrounding nature. Fresh-picked wildflowers, a mound of fresh herb-butter on a cedar plank, Curt’s great-great-grandmother’s wooden bread bowl cradling several loaves of fresh-baked artisan bread, and a block of Himalayan salt rested against its hand-grater are the show pieces. None of these things are new, or replicated, or perfect, or pretending to be other than what they are. With them comes a great labor of love, breathed into the experience the day they are placed, and from generations past.


From a design stance, our kitchen table doesn’t stand out: 4 sturdy legs, 8 ladder-back chairs, rectangular slab of wood with a few battle scars. It does have a secret, though, exposed only to those who look below the surface; literally. On the underside, its belly, are dozens of guest signatures spanning nearly 2 decades of friendship, laughter, joys, sorrows, and a few hundred fantastic meals. This table is our pride and joy for all the stories told, connections made, hearts shared.


Crafted from a 100+ year-old barn door, this rustic table is Curt’s artistic contribution. It has stories to tell; its deeply scarred planks whisper of a life lived long ago. The thick slab of Douglas Fir rests securely on a cedar frame uniquely engineered to fold into itself, legs and all, for off-season storage. When dining amongst the aromatic herbs in our herb garden or on the stone patio under the majestic cedar, we set out the extra wide and sturdy cedar benches to ensure stability, making it possible for guests to dine within reach of nature as easily and comfortably as on the deck, with the night sky and candle-powered lanterns overhead.