When the 1911 craftsman home that we’d been eyeing for 7 years hit the market in 2016, we wasted no time making a serious offer.

The house and grounds were in great need of TLC, but we were up for the task. Making critical repairs immediately, we then sat back to observe. We watched the changing light thru the large and many windows, discerned traffic patterns along the road, discerned our traffic patterns from room to room, and made note of each season’s impact: the famous Gorge wind, the Noon sun, the bare oaks, the visiting deer, the blossoming fruit trees, the lichen and moss.

With 4 seasons behind us, our design emerged. First we obliterated the kitchen, exposing original tongue-and-groove walls and a gorgeous maple floor. With all new stainless appliances and open commercial shelving, the meeting of original and modern give the hearth of our home a warm and comfortable welcome. And throughout, linoleum gave way to hardwood, drywall to tongue and groove, and paint to bare wood. We awakened a sense of pride this old home hasn’t felt in decades.

Now, in 2023, an incredible landscape is rooted: we created patios, stone walkways, and terraced vegetable and herb gardens; installed seating areas, large and small, to accommodate dinner parties and cozy conversations; and a new and expanded cedar deck offers sunny brunches and lazy afternoon reading. A certified wildlife habitat, ornamental gardens and bordering forest provide food, water, and refuge to our pollinator friends, hummingbirds, deer, wild turkeys, and other usual suspects of nature. And last but not least, a combo greenhouse and chicken coop keep us in greens and eggs year-round. From the garden patio, guests can interact with it all.

We are shaking loose 75 years of design decisions meant to hide the beauty of our region’s natural resources. With each reveal, we are restoring these elements to their former splendor and our home is showcasing her roots with a nod to her environment. She is once again rising proudly from her own skin, and offers herself as an inviting gathering place for women to deepen their connection with themselves, each other, and the land. We are honored to be this grand lady’s stewards and welcome you to find respite here.