New Year. New Decade. New Horizons.

Same Ol’ Focus: Local. Sustainable. Accessible. Affordable.

ROOTS Farmacy is going places! But first, it’s NOT going places. A SABBATICAL is in order, so a sabbatical it is. Post-menopause, it’s become increasingly important to me that I redefine health for my changing body and give it the rest, nutrition, and attention it and I deserve. I am refocusing on embodying my body, my heart, and my spirit with intentional practices, more exercise, and mindful eating to honor this new and potent chapter in my life.

During this pause I will be minimally involved with a couple pretty dang incredible projects:

  • ROOTS Farmacy – the NON-PROFIT.
    That’s right; we’re going non-profit. Wanna know why? Because we have awakened to the very real fact that an alarming number of people in our community are dealing with major health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and leaky gut. Compounding a life-changing diagnosis is another fact: that most cannot afford real food and, equally harmful, don’t know that real food can improve their health and quality of life. And that just ain’t right. In fact, it’s a whole lotta wrong in our opinion.
    By going non-profit, ROOTS Farmacy can tap into funding opportunities (think grants and public/private donors) that will allow us to prepare meals, teach one-on-one nutrition and cooking classes, and welcome folks into our gardens for respite, nourishment, empowerment, and healing AT NO OR LOW COST! Living with a health issue that can be improved with a proper diet consisting of quality ingredients and fresh preparation, and lacking the resources to access these is unacceptable. We care very much about our neighbors in the Gorge and have the know-how to remove this barrier. So we’re stepping into this arena with all feet in. And we’re very excited to embark on this new journey that has the potential to markedly improve the lives of those whose health is at risk.
    In the meantime, all of ROOTS Farmacy’s services are suspended while we dissolve the LLC and structure the non-profit. We look forward to a 2021 launch.
  • COMMUNITY FRESH is a grassroots concept 2-years-in-the-making. It’s essentially a community culinary and wellness center that will offer adult and youth skills training, a cooking and nutrition program, job preparedness and placement, internship opportunities, a commercial kitchen for small business food artisans, year-round farmer’s market, community garden and indoor hydroponic growing system, and health practitioner patient support services. We’re super excited to share that the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington recently awarded the project a grant for the purpose of conducting a feasibility study. With this grant, WSU’s Rural Communities Design Initiative (RCDI) will conduct the study in 2020 to seek community input to determine the operation and design of this project.
    This is a HUGE win for Skamania County; when a grant request is awarded it’s a stamp of approval that the project has a well-founded purpose to serve. That this organization’s governing board believes in it and in Skamania County is a strong validation that will open more and bigger doors for future funding and support.
  • We are so grateful to our community and clients for their unwavering support and encouragement as we navigate this exciting transition. We are anxious to provide these much-needed services and look forward to welcoming additional support thru a board of directors. [[‘;